From Refugees to Immigrants: Syrian Diversity in Turkey


There are no signs that the Syrian conflict would end soon, and even if it did Syria would be a devastated country and an inhospitable environment. It is crucial for Turks and Syrians in Turkey to deepen each other understanding. This paper reminds us that the Syrian identity is a complex one marked by diversity, and it is rooted in the culture of the Levant permeated with Islam as a civilizational reality. This identity is both cosmopolitan and conservative. Syria relishes in ethnic diversity of small groups, but it was the mainstream that formed this country’s basis of cultural legitimacy. Nevertheless, the experiences of Syrians in Turkey differ markedly among their different sociocultural groups, and Turkish policies have no choice but to grabble with such complexity. Fortunately, unlocking the secrets of the Syrian cultural groupings is attainable as there is a significant common ground between Syrians and Turks at the level of values and norms. This paper presents a model that discusses cultural configurations and structural alignments that underlie the integration process of Syrians.

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