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Eid and the Friendly Employer

Eid and the Friendly Employer

  • I need to take one day off to observe my religious holiday.
  • Sure, no problem.
  • Is that the one you call Eid?
  • Yes.
  • Does the word have a meaning?
  • Yes.
  • Joy.
  • When does your Eid fall?
  • Thursday or Friday.
  • Oh! You have the choice of two days. I like the flexibility of your religion.
  • إقرأ المزيد

    Alternative Concepts for Explaining the Sunni-Shia Friction

    Alternative Concepts for Explaining the Sunni-Shii Friction, by Mazen Hashem

    The essay starts with commenting on three fault lines that trigger frictions between Sunnis and Shiis: the fiqhi line, the mental image of history, and folkways differences. The popular explanation of the Sunni-Shii friction is that it is a matter of sectarian religious difference. This essay offers an alternative explanation, arguing that the friction could be adequately understood from a perspective that analyzes majority-minority dynamics. The essay concludes with pointing to the ample common ground between Sunnis and Shiis at the level of values and ultimate socioeconomic aims.

    إقرأ المزيد